Today, smart phones are the most sought after gadgets. even

Today, smart phones are the most sought after gadgets. even if bodily be a businessman, professional, or student, everybody wants to get their hands on these phones. There is a massive motive for knowledgeable telephones throughout the world. Although Apple’s iPhone had at the start started the smart phone mania, but today, Google’s Android is beating it with countless user friendly applications and aspects. Android, due to an open source platform, opens up the gates for the development of numerous dynamic mobile applications. The crux of the matter is each these colossal enterprises have created a plethora of opportunities in the field of mobile software development.
Google has developed Android as an open source mobile operating system that is based on the Linux kernel. Android programming is based on capuccino programming language, also empiricism with the language immediately opens enlargement the gates to every Java programmer on the planet. That is the reason JAVA programmers are fame huge cross-examine nowadays. By using Android, manufacturers can customize the OS to in shape their particular hardware design, thereby facilitating them to innovate without any restrictions. According to Google chief, Eric Schmidt, approximately 200,000 android based smart phones and associated devices are enticed each day.
Some of the elementary features of Android are:           
•                     conception 10.1 also AIR Support
•                     Push Messaging
•                     Speech-to-text conversion
•                     striking MP Camera,
•                     Advanced GPS
•                     unrestraint and accelerometer
•                     Optimized graphics
•                     GSM Telephony
On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone is developed on Objective-C language and in a mac OX S environment with XCode tools. whilst introduced in 2007, it drove the whole world crazy besides the dash was animating. Millions thronged the microcosm stores to get a view of the work and get acquainted with its ground-breaking functionalities. Today, iphone/Android application development multi-billion dollar industry with exponential growth figures. Recently, Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple, introduced iPhone 4 which termed as the “slimmest reasonable phone on the planet”.
 Some of the numero uno features of iPhone are:
·  Multi-touch interface
·  Retina Display high resolution IPS screen
·  GPS Navigation
·  Proximity sensor
·  Wi-Fi connectivitya
·  OpenGL ES/Quartz
·  video games also Animation


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